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Why should you be a facilitator for Open Narratives?

After becoming officially recognized as an organization at Northeastern, Open Narratives is looking to expand and become more involved on campus. To achieve this goal, we need your help. Now that we are having multiple dialogues a week, we need more facilitators to guide these discussions.

Being a facilitator allows you to lead a dialogue. This gives you the freedom of expression to nurture a given dialogue and tailor it in whatever direction you would like it to go. You will have a crucial role in ensuring that the dialogue is heading in a meaningful direction while also assessing the needs of the individual members.

Yet being a facilitator is much more than just facilitating dialogues. As a facilitator, you are responsible for writing the dialogues. This gives you the opportunity to bring forth an idea for that you personally are passionate about. Moreover, you can come up with the questions that will be asked during our meetings.

If you believe this is something that would interest you, please do reach out and fill out the subsequent form.

What can you contribute to the facilitation team?

What topic would you like to discuss for a dialogue and what would be the purpose?

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