Greek Life

Whether you’re part of it, want nothing to do with it, or are on the fence, Greek Life effects everyone here at Northeastern.

In this dialogue, we started off by discussing out conceptions and misconceptions about Greek Life. There’s a lot more to it than parties and socializing, a fact that people not involved with it often miss and something you would never believe when you first entered college.

Then, we dove deep into what makes Greek Life fun, and not so fun. We discussed the rewarding aspects of joining a fraternity or sorority, including meeting new friends, making valuable professional connections, and access to community service. We also looked at the downsides, including the lack of socialization with people outside of Greek Life.

We then moved on to the heavier topic of some inherent problems with Greek Life and how they could be fixed. Do fraternities and sororities have a misogynistic atmosphere? Do they have to be separated by gender? How will they look in the future?