Life at Northeastern

One thing we all have in common is the university we attend… so how does everyone like it?

We’ve got an incredible co-op program, a fantastic location, and limitless global opportunities. But we also have a suspicious administration, lack of school spirit, and classes in Richards Hall. For this dialogue, we shared how all of our expectations of Northeastern compared to the reality. Were the Orientations and Welcome Day programs accurate? Was college life exaggerated or understated?

We moved on to all of our most beloved and hated parts about Northeastern, allowing students to rant about their daily struggles or gush about their amazing experiences. Hearing from a range of years, majors, and backgrounds, it was fascinating to see how much difference there was in our lives. Professors, class structures, and how much we all felt valued at Northeastern was a pretty wide spectrum.

Before finishing up, we thought about what tangible action we could take to make Northeastern a better school, for ourselves and everyone around us. Being grateful for what the school has provided us is important, but so is taking a stand against what we perceive as wrongdoing.