In the wake of the controversial Gillette advertisement and other cultural changes, it is important to question the value of traditional masculinity. In a more progressive society where the differences between men and women are being broken down, is it even something we need anymore?

We began by discussing what traits are seen as stereotypically masculine and what the good and bad aspects of them are. Traits such as aggression, strength, passion, and dominance came up frequently. There were a lot of mixed opinions on these traits and masculinity, whether it is a mostly good thing, mostly bad thing, or somewhere in the middle.

As a group, both males and females discussed their experiences with masculinity and where they thought it originated. We talked about why some people are more likely to jump into fights and other kinds of adrenaline rushes than others, and how those experiences in adolescence can affect them as adults. Finally, we talked about how we could better teach young boys to have the good qualities of masculinity without the bad ones.