Mental Health

Mental health is one of the most important parts of one’s life, but isn’t talked about nearly enough.

Mental health means something different to all of us. To some, it’s a daily struggle of anxiety or depression. Others have had family members suffer similarly. Some of us view it as simply the need to relax, and deal with the monumental amount of stress in our lives. Regardless, no one can deny its importance.

So why are people so hesitant to bring it up? The stigma around mental health may be slowly getting knocked down, but the shame and embarrassment surrounding it won’t disappear overnight. We discussed the role of media in this societal failure, and went on to talk about the horribly poor resources available for this who need help.

We finished the dialogue sharing how all of our views on mental health have changed, whether since coming to Northeastern or in the past few months. It was pretty shocking to reflect, realizing how easy it is to dismiss mental health as weakness or laziness. Staying aware of all of the issues surrounding mental health is just the beginning.