Where to start? Music is a world in its own, and we just scratched the surface in our dialogue.

We started by reflecting on who each of our musical idols are, and why that’s the case. Thinking back on how certain artists or genres shaped our childhood led to some great conversation. We also shared some of our favorite music-related moments — covering concerts, bonding with friends, or cultural appreciation. The diversity of the experiences brought up was a perfect example of how music can mean so much and in such different ways.

We also talked about music on a societal level — how it can be (and has been) a tool for social change, bring people together, and even create division with the judgement associated with music tastes. Why do we like the music we do, anyway? All of this led to some stimulating dialogue, as everyone had a different take on such a subjective matter.

We finished the dialogue feeling more appreciative than ever for music, and wondering whether or not music really is necessary.