We’re all guilty of it in one way or another, so let’s talk about it.

In this dialogue, we get down to the core of prejudice and how it manifests itself in our daily lives. Whether it be someone’s clothing, hometown, religion, race, or otherwise, it’s seemingly impossible to avoid. To further explore our prejudices, we discussed on our personal insecurities. What do we worry that people will judge us on? We also discussed whether or not these insecurities play a role in how we judge others.

We also talked about the role of prejudice in our upbringings. Were you a minority or a majority in your community?
Maybe a majority in some ways and a minority in others — ideologically, racially, religiously, etc. Talking about how this changed since coming to Northeastern also shed some light on how our perspectives have changed.

Overall, we all left feeling more aware of our prejudices and more motivated to take according action. Being honest with oneself and each other is essential to combating such tendencies.